Musical “Teo”

The idea for an original musical had been on the minds of the instructors at the Local Community Center for a long time. However, this first original one was born from the idea of Sebastian Ruciński and Tomek Wójcik about two years ago. It was known that such a big undertaking would require not only hard work and a large team, but also financial resources. That’s when the project “Niepodległa” and the support of Member of European Parliament Jadwiga Wiśniewska, as well as the financial support from the Municipality of Myszków in the form of a grant for the City Cultural Center, came to the aid.

With the funds secured, the two creators, the screenwriter and director Ewelina Rucińska, and choreographer Marta Muszczak, could start working on the production, especially since for many years both the vocal studio and the Little Guitar Academy, the Youth Orchestra of the Local Community Center, two theaters, and friend vocalists provided the personnel and support for staging the show. The organization relied on the shoulders of the screenwriter, choreographer, but also the employees of the City Cultural Center. In this first, and hopefully not the last, musical, everyone got involved in their own way. Such a big undertaking required the work of a multitude of people, and everyone who contributed even the smallest bit deserves applause.

The preparation and staging of this show have one most important added value – we have amazing people in Myszków. Talented, open-minded artists with ideas and courage, as well as an atmosphere in which such projects can be realized. And that is the most beautiful thing.

Photographs: Dorota Orzełek, Natalia Dębogórska, Zbyszek Górawski