Myszków Station is among the top ten finalists in the “Station of the Year” competition.

Myszków Railway Station has made it to the final ten of the “Station of the Year” competition. Which station will win this year’s competition? Wrocław Główny, Cieszyn, Myszków, Oświęcim, Skawina, Wolsztyn, Oborniki Śląskie, Nowy Sącz, Radymno, or Ustka? Which facility from the final ten will be the winner of the fourth edition of the “Station of the Year” competition?

The fourth edition of the nationwide “Station of the Year” competition is approaching its finale. In allowing a particular station to compete for the victory, experts have examined criteria such as the level of cleanliness, platform accessibility, the quality of station announcements, the readability and timeliness of passenger information, convenient connections to public transportation, the availability of parking lots and facilities such as “Kiss and Ride” and “Bike and Ride,” the attractiveness of the building’s architecture and design, and more. The final decision lies with internet users – they will determine the winner of the Audience Award in the “Station of the Year 2021” competition through voting.

“The final ten perfectly demonstrates that among the best train stations, there are very large facilities such as Wrocław Główny, as well as small stations like Radymno. The victory will be decided, among other things, by the internet users,” emphasizes Dr. Jakub Majewski, the president of the ProKolej Foundation, co-organizer of the competition. “In previous editions, over 20,000 votes were cast. This is the best proof that their condition is not indifferent to the society.”

Katarzyna Kucharek, the president of the PKP Group Foundation Board, emphasized that simply being in the final top ten is a significant distinction for the stations participating in the competition. She also noted that through the month-long audits, individual elements of the station infrastructure were thoroughly evaluated, resulting in the selection of facilities that meet the highest requirements for the final.

“After the auditors, it is now time for internet users. Among them are both railway enthusiasts and people who use the services provided by the stations in their daily lives. Therefore, our co-organized competition is an excellent opportunity for them to indicate the facility that is the best of the best. Everything is in the hands of those who cast their votes. The game is played for a special stake, as winning the ‘Audience Award’ category has a unique significance. This prestigious award is bestowed by the most important jurors – the train passengers themselves,” added Katarzyna Kucharek.

The final top ten competing for the title of “Station of the Year 2021” are: Wrocław Główny, Cieszyn, Myszków, Oświęcim, Skawina, Wolsztyn, Oborniki Śląskie, Nowy Sącz, Radymno, and Ustka. The winner and recipient of the Audience Award will be selected from these facilities. Online voting will be open from October 11th to November 7th, 2021, on the website We invite you to participate!

The “Station of the Year” competition is an initiative of the ProKolej Foundation and the PKP Group Foundation. Since 2017, their joint efforts aim to popularize good practices in the field of infrastructure quality and railway investments. The honorary patrons of this year’s edition are: the Railway Transport Office, the Railway Institute, the Polish Urban Planners Society, the Polish Architects’ Association, and the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society. The event is partnered with DASAG.

In the previous year, the laureates were Przemyśl Główny and Goczałkowice-Zdrój stations.