Myszkow teachers with professional advancement.

On Monday, August 29, Mayor Włodzimierz Żak, in the presence of primary school directors, presented professional promotion diplomas to nine pedagogues from Myszków.

“I wish you that the effort you undertake will not only be a path to professional advancement but above all the fulfillment of professional ambitions. I wish for the knowledge you impart to find good and talented recipients. All the best.”

Teachers with a professional promotion:
Olga Lis (Primary School No. 1)
Karolina Paul (Primary School with Integrated Classes No. 5)
Anna Nowakowska, Agata Szywacz, Justyna Michalska, Anna Możejko-Suchcicka (Primary School No. 6)
Aleksandra Pin-Słabosz (Primary School No. 8)
Marta Mucha (Preschool No. 3 with Integrated Classes)
Daria Kocur (Music School I Degree)