New rescue and firefighting vehicle for the Volunteer Fire Department in Myszków.

I am extremely pleased that another new fire truck will now be a part of the Myszków Volunteer Fire Department. However, I hope it is used as rarely as possible,” said Mayor Włodzimierz Żak, presenting symbolic keychains with the city’s logo to the President of the Volunteer Fire Department, Jakub Tokarski.

On June 29th, the firefighters from the Myszków Volunteer Fire Department arrived at the City Hall with their new rescue and firefighting vehicle. The vehicle, a Volvo FMX 380 4X4 GCBA 5/224, is a heavy-duty truck designed for firefighting and road accidents.

The vehicle is equipped with a 500-liter water tank, an electric winch, and a foam generator tank, among other features. The total cost of the vehicle, including installation, is 1,449,924 zł. The financing breakdown is as follows: Municipality of Myszków – 799,924 zł, WFOŚiGW/NFOŚiGW – 550,000 zł, and the “Energetyka na rzecz Południowej Polski” TAURON Foundation – 100,000 zł.

The new acquisition has aroused great interest among the residents, especially among the youngest ones, Szymon and Antos, who have already announced that they will become firefighters.