Not enough money for the replacement of old boilers in Wadowice.

Wadowice has been struggling with high air pollution for years. Smog, one could say, is omnipresent here. Meanwhile, there are still a lot of households heated with coal in the municipality. Councilor Maciej Mąka demands increased funding for the replacement of old furnaces. During the budget debate, which took place on Wednesday at the City Council in Wadowice, attention was drawn to the unresolved problem that still persists in Wadowice. It concerns the significant air pollution in Wadowice itself and throughout the entire municipality. According to data from the Central Register of Building Emissions (CEEB), there are currently 1894 boilers below Class 3 in the Wadowice municipality. They are used for heating buildings and water. The problem is that the replacement of coal-fired furnaces with other sources of energy is not progressing at a pace that would suggest improvements in the coming years. According to councilor Maciej Mąka from the opposition club “Wolne Wadowice”, the local government still spends too little money to support residents in replacing their boilers. “Next year, we will spend 400,000 PLN on air protection, which is not even a quarter percent of our budget for next year. This includes 150,000 PLN for furnace replacement. That is very little, how many furnaces will we replace?” – pointed out councilor Maciej Mąka during the budget debate. The Wadowice municipal budget provides targeted subsidies to finance the costs of investments related to the transition to eco-friendly heating systems. According to the regulations for providing targeted subsidies, until April 30, 2024, only buildings with boilers below Class 3 (in other words, old furnaces that need to be replaced by April 30, 2024) are eligible for funding. Meanwhile, according to the current anti-smog regulation in the voivodeship, residents have until the end of April 2024 to replace their old furnaces. After that time, only heaters and fireplaces that meet the requirements of eco-design or have a thermal efficiency of at least 80% will be allowed. Heating devices that do not meet these requirements do not necessarily have to be replaced, as they can be retrofitted with special devices that reduce dust emissions, such as electrostatic precipitators. Compliance with the regulations introduced by the anti-smog resolution will be monitored both in terms of the type of heating devices used and the types of fuels used. Users of installations who violate the regulations may be fined up to 5,000 PLN or receive a fine of up to 500 PLN.