“Omnibuses” awarded

On October 10th, in the Session Hall of the City Office, Mayor Włodzimierz Żak of Myszków, together with Deputy Mayor Iwona Franelak and the head of MZEASiP, Marzanna Wieczorek, awarded the “OMNIBUS” Scholarships of the Myszków Municipality to students.

The awarded students can boast of special academic, sports, or artistic achievements. In recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in the 2022/2023 school year, the Myszków Municipality Scholarship was awarded to 10 students. Mayor Włodzimierz Żak also congratulated the parents and teachers of the honored students.

The following students received the “OMNIBUS” Scholarship of the Myszków Municipality:

– Mateusz Strzelczyk – Primary School No. 5
– Wiktoria Kawka – Primary School No. 8
– Olivia Hadzińska – Primary School No. 6
– Michał Galas – Primary School No. 5
– Wiktoria Grzywna – Primary Music School
– Martyna Czerwik – Primary School No. 6
– Maja Toruńska – Primary School No. 5
– Pola Pstrowska – Primary School No. 3
– Krzysztof Nowak – Primary School No. 8
– Lena Stefanik – Primary School No. 6