On Sunday, Opoczno Christmas Meeting.

The county administration is investing in improving the safety of unprotected road users. We talked about it on the Powiat Opoczyński na Fali program. We also invited everyone to the Opoczyńskie Spotkanie Wigilijne (Opoczno Christmas Meeting). It will be held this coming Sunday, initiated by MP Robert Telus, the Dar dla Potrzebujących Foundation, and the Powiat Opoczyński. Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings will be built. The Powiat Opoczyński has signed agreements with contractors for the works, which will increase pedestrian safety. The tasks will be carried out in the Opoczno, Sławno, and Drzewica municipalities. The cost is 2,675,000 PLN, of which 80 percent, or over 2,116,000 PLN, is support from the Government Road Development Fund. The tasks will be co-financed by the municipalities in which the planned investments will be carried out.

On the Powiat Opoczyński na Fali program, we also talked about a major investment being carried out in Opoczno by the Łódź Voivodeship Road Administration. It involves the construction of two roundabouts. The investment, which cost over 16 million PLN, was recently completed. As emphasized by Starosta Marcin Baranowski, it will contribute to improving safety in this area. The Starosta also mentioned the Career Day held at the Powiat Szkół Powiatowych in Opoczno. It was an excellent opportunity for students to meet employers and consider their professional future.

Marcin Baranowski also invited everyone to a blood drive, which will be conducted by blood donors from Żarnów at the OSP fire station on Sunday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. The XII Opoczyńskie Spotkanie Wigilijne (Opoczno Christmas Meeting) will also take place on Sunday. It will be an opportunity to admire performances on stage, try traditional Christmas dishes, and exchange wishes. The star of the event will be Mateusz Mijal. The event will be held at the Powiat Szkół Powiatowych in Opoczno. It starts at 3 pm.

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