On the 104th anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

On the 104th anniversary of Poland regaining independence, representatives of local government, uniformed services, veteran organizations, schools, associations, local businesses, and residents of Myszków took part in the solemn celebrations of November 11th.

The ceremonies began with a Holy Mass for the Homeland at the Church of St. Stanislaus the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated by the parish priest, Father Jerzy Wachowski. After the Mass, the participants marched solemnly to the Monument to the Fallen for the Myszków Land.

The host of the celebrations was the Mayor of Myszków, Włodzimierz Żak, and among the guests were: Member of the Polish Parliament, Mariusz Trepka, Silesian Education Curator, Urszula Bauer, Deputy Mayor Iwona Franelak, City Secretary Sławomir Matyja, Chairman of the City Council Jerzy Woszczyk with City Councilors, Myszków County Head, Piotr Kołodziejczyk, with representatives of the County Office and County Councilors, County Police Commander, Inspector Marcin Lemański, Chief of the County Fire Brigade, Senior Brigade General Sergiusz Wiśniewski, President of the Guild of Various Crafts and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Krzysztof Żak, with guild representatives, representatives of the Myszków Land Scouting District, volunteer fire departments, and veteran organizations, youth and children from Myszków schools, and residents of our city.

After laying wreaths, Mayor Włodzimierz Żak thanked everyone for their numerous attendance. When I think of my Homeland, I see a series of wounds, scars of suffering, but I also see heroism, empathy, people with sincere and good faces. I see spring landscapes and scenery bathed in autumn gold. I would like to hear the peaceful singing of birds and the joyful laughter of children every year. I look back and look to the future, the balance of these days comes out positive for me, despite so many war struggles, years spent under partitions, we are a strong and righteous nation. Looking to the future, I desire peace, technological progress serving people, friendship between nations, and ostracism for those who want to disrupt this peace.

I want each day to bring new challenges, for each of us to be able to pursue our dreams, desires, to feel safe. Following the thought of Aristotle that society is a family, so at this common family table, there should be a place for everyone. It is at the family table that we talk about everyday things, which are ultimately the most important. The truly important topic of today is what is closest to citizens, what directly affects each of us. Unfortunately, today it is difficult to talk about a common table. And yet, each day belongs to us and it is us who build tomorrow, in which evil should be called evil, and good should be called good. Let us wish each other openness to others, joy in what we have achieved, looking to the future, let us remember those who are beside us – said Mayor Żak.

A few words were also addressed to the gathered by Member of the Polish Parliament, Mariusz Trepka, Silesian Education Curator, Urszula Bauer, Myszków County Head, Piotr Kołodziejczyk, and City Councilor Małgorzata Skinder, who read a letter addressed to the participants on behalf of Member of the European Parliament, Jadwiga Wiśniewska.

The artistic performance was provided by the Mrzygłód Volunteer Fire Brigade Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Władysław Piwowarski.