Payment of the “thirteenth salary” in August and without an application.

On August 25, ZUS will begin paying out the 14th pension. 9 million people will receive the benefit, including 8.1 million ZUS clients. The fourteenth pension will be paid automatically, so there is no need to apply for it or submit any documents.

The payment of the 14th pension this year has been guaranteed by law. It is another additional annual cash benefit this year. It will go to 9 million retirees, recipients of disability pensions, and other long-term benefits, including 8.1 million from ZUS.
– “Fourteenth” is entitled not only to retirees and disability pensioners, but also to recipients of social pensions, pre-retirement benefits, bridging pensions, compensatory benefits for teachers, supplementary parental benefits, disability pensions, and complementary benefits for individuals unable to live independently – informs Beata Kopczyńska, regional spokesperson for ZUS in Silesia.
The right to basic benefits, such as a pension or disability benefit, will be assessed on August 24, the day before the first payment.
The full amount of the “fourteenth” for 7.7 million people

The full amount of the fourteenth pension will be 1338.44 PLN gross, while the net amount will be 1217.98 PLN. It is exempt from income tax, and only health insurance contributions will be deducted from it.
The full amount of the “fourteenth” will be received by approximately 7.7 million people whose basic benefit does not exceed 2900 PLN gross. In the case of individuals with benefits exceeding 2900 PLN, the fourteenth pension will be reduced according to the “dollar for dollar” principle, but the minimum amount of the “fourteenth” entitling to receive the benefit will be 50 PLN. Therefore, people whose pension or disability benefit does not exceed 4188.44 PLN can count on the “fourteenth”.

Payment dates for the “fourteenths”
In ZUS, the payment dates for this benefit will be on August 25, September 1, 5, 6, 10, 15, and 20. In the military system and in the case of individuals receiving pre-retirement benefits from ZUS, the payment will be made in September. On the other hand, individuals receiving agricultural benefits less frequently than once a month will receive the fourteenth pension in October.
The benefit will be free from deductions, such as garnishments. It will also not be counted as income when applying for social assistance, alimony, or supplementary benefits for individuals unable to live independently.
According to estimates, even approximately PLN 11.4 billion can be allocated for the fourteenth pension this year, including PLN 9.5 billion for ZUS beneficiaries.

ZUS Press Release