Pensioner and retiree: from September, be careful with your earnings.

Important information for pensioners and early retirees who earn additional income to their benefits. Starting from September 1st, the income thresholds that affect the reduction or suspension of pensions and benefits from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) will change.

– It is allowed to earn additional income while receiving pensions and early retirement benefits, but there are specified limits that change every three months. The limits depend on the average salary in the country for the previous quarter. In the second quarter, salaries have decreased, which is why from September 1st, the limits for working benefit recipients from ZUS are also lower – says Beata Kopczyńska, regional press spokesperson for ZUS in the Silesian Voivodeship.

The first income threshold amounts to 70% of the average salary. From September, it is 3853.20 PLN gross. If the income of a retiree or pensioner exceeds this threshold in a given month, the payment of the benefit for that month is correspondingly reduced. The second threshold amounts to 130% of the average salary, which from September is 7155.90 PLN. Its exceeding results in the suspension of the benefit payment for that month.

– People receiving social pensions must pay special attention to the new threshold amounts, as slightly different rules apply to them regarding earning additional income. If their additional income exceeds the first threshold (3853.20 PLN), the full payment of the social pension for the month in which the threshold was exceeded is not granted – adds the spokesperson.

The new threshold amounts apply in September, October, and November. They will change again from December 1st. The current threshold amounts can be found on Importantly, retirees who have reached the statutory retirement age (60 years for women, 65 years for men) do not need to worry about the income thresholds. They can earn additional income without any limitations.

ZUS Press Release