Poachers still active. Social Fisheries Patrol fights against illegal fishing [INTERVENTION]

“Nothing scares them away” – The Social Fishing Patrol is fighting against poachers who continue to cause significant damage to water bodies. They are creating increasingly new methods of illegal fishing. – “In our region, the problem with poaching is quite significant,” says Adam Podgórny, an ichthyologist from the Polish Angling Association in Opole and the commander of the Social Fishing Patrol PZW Opole in Nysa. – “The poaching that takes place here can be divided into two types. The first is our fishermen who don’t fully comply with the regulations and protective limits. The second issue involves poachers who either use nets or use tools that cause injuries. They cause more damage when using injuring methods, which include various anchors, hooks, and forcibly pulling the fish, especially in winter when they are in their wintering grounds. Are the penalties for poachers too lenient? What does the State Fishing Guard say about this? We will be back on this topic after 12:00 in the emergency broadcast of Radio Opole.”