Primary School No. 4 hosted students from Hungary.

From September 11th to 15th, Primary School No. 4 in Myszków hosted a group of 10 students and 2 teachers from Budapest.

Last year, both schools jointly carried out the “responsABILITY” project on the eTwinning platform, aimed at raising ecological awareness and creating new, sustainable habits and ecological behaviors. The visit of the Hungarian students was the final summary of the project, this time in the real world, not virtual.

During the five days, the students participated in activities at the school, including team educational paths, ecological games and activities, learning programming, and 3D printing. On the last day of the project, two trees were planted together on the school grounds. These trees will not only serve as a reminder of Polish-Hungarian friendship but also as evidence that the younger generation strives to live ecologically and in harmony with nature. Deputy Mayor Ms. Iwona Franelak, Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Municipal Economy Ms. Wioletta Dworaczyk, and Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Communal Economy Mrz. Marzanna Wieczorek also took part in the tree planting ceremony, with the trees being donated by the Department of Environmental Protection and Municipal Economy of the Myszków City Office.

An added value to the project was the opportunity to present our culture, customs, and the beauty of the natural and cultural environment in which we live to the Hungarian visitors. The students from Budapest visited Krakow, Bochnia, Częstochowa, Bobolice, and Mirów. They participated in the “From Knight to Soldier” workshop and learned about the history of ancient crafts in the Myszków-Żarki region. Additionally, they explored the Głęboka Cave in Podlesice and climbed the Jurassic rocks under the supervision of qualified instructors.

The past time brought a lot of joy and fun. The students tested their ecological knowledge and language skills, exchanged experiences and best practices. Without a doubt, everyone got to know our traditional, national hospitality.