Projects submitted by Myszków to the “Polish Deal” initiative.

On February 28, the Municipality of Myszków submitted the following applications for funding to the “Polish Deal” program:

Edition II:
a/ construction of a clubhouse building and two tennis courts at the city stadium – investment value of PLN 8,089,411.45, funding amount of 90% i.e. PLN 7,280,469.45,
b/ thermal modernization of SP2 and SP7 school buildings in Pohulanka and Będusz – investment value of PLN 7,771,768.91, funding amount of 85% i.e. PLN 6,606,003.58,
c/ reconstruction of the City Cultural Center along with installations – stage III – task value of PLN 5,600,000.00, funding amount of 89.29% i.e. PLN 5,000,000.00.

Edition III (post-mine areas):
a/ revitalization of infrastructure in residential estates I stage at 27 Wolności Street – investment value of PLN 2,266,896.27, funding amount of 88.23% i.e. PLN 2,000,000.00,
b/ revitalization of the recreational area “Pohulanka” – investment value of PLN 5,697,958.28, funding amount of 86% i.e. PLN 4,900,000.00.

On February 28, within the Digital Municipality program, an agreement was signed for the task “Support for children from post-mine families in digital development – PPGR Grant” in the amount of PLN 18,500.00.