Prosecutor’s office in the “shelter” in Hucisko. Animals “underfed and not watered”.

Investigators are investigating a case of cruel animal abuse at an animal shelter in Hucisko. The initial findings by the prosecutor’s office are horrifying. Corpse were found.

As reported by the portal, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sucha Beskidzka is conducting an investigation into the abuse of over 50 dogs, 9 horses, a pony, 3 calves, 6 goats, and 8 Gotland pigs. The animals, which were housed in a temporary shelter in the town of Hucisko (Suski County), were allegedly not fed or given water. According to investigators, they were kept in unsuitable conditions, surrounded by their own waste. Many of them had untreated wounds on their bodies.

Four dog corpses were found in a freezer and in a meadow, as well as the jaw of an unidentified animal. The Veterinary Hygiene Institute in Krakow has been appointed to provide an opinion on the cause of death of the four dog corpses, as well as to determine the species and breed of the animal to which the jaw was sent for examination, according to Janusz Kowalski, spokesperson for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow.

The case, which we have previously reported on HERE, is ongoing.