Radom paid tribute to the victims of martial law.

On December 13 at noon, on the 42nd anniversary of the introduction of martial law, members of NSZZ “Solidarity” laid flowers in front of the Monument to the June’76 Events. On December 13, we mark the 42nd anniversary of the introduction of martial law in Poland. Representatives of NSZZ “Solidarity”, MP Marek Suski, and residents laid flowers and lit candles in front of the Monument to the Radom June’76. – This is a time for reflection, a moment of reflection on what happened 42 years ago. It was freezing, 22 degrees below zero. Our colleagues and friends were taken from their homes in the middle of the night and then taken to Piaski in Kielce and here to Malczewskiego – says Zdzisław Maszkiewicz, the chairman of NSZZ “Solidarity” Ziemia Radomska. He also adds that we must remember those who were deprived of work, school, family, and life. – We must remember, and we do remember – emphasizes Maszkiewicz. Introduction of martial law is also remembered by Father Tomasz Adacha from the Roman Catholic Church of the Radom Diocese. – It was a terrible time when the Polish were forced to shoot at the Polish. There were victims, there were tragedies, misfortunes. We still feel the terrible consequences of martial law today – emphasizes MP Marek Suski. 42 years ago, on the night of December 12th to 13th, 1981, martial law was introduced. The power in Poland was taken over by a military junta under the leadership of General Wojciech Jaruzelski. The aim of the communist regime was to destroy the multi-million strong “Solidarity” movement. In the first hours and days of martial law, 113 activists of “Solidarity” from Radom and the former Radom voivodeship were arrested and imprisoned.