Recipe for love – not only 50 years together

“Wishing you many more years of shared life, please accept my special words of appreciation for your love, tolerance, and understanding, essential qualities of a lasting marriage”. On Tuesday, May 23rd, the Mayor of the City, Włodzimierz Żak – the host of the event, presented the “Medals for Long-lasting Marriage” awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland and gifts from the Municipality of Myszków to those present. The traditional champagne toast and group photos concluded this pleasant and touching ceremony.

This year, the couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary are: Emilia and Paweł Bernaccy, Elżbieta and Czesław Dołomisiewicz, Elżbieta and Janusz Grucowie, Teresa and Marian Kitowie, Maria and Włodzimierz Korpusowie, Bogusława and Jarosław Maślankowie, Jadwiga and Jan Niemczykowie, Eugenia and Dionizy Rosikowie, Jolanta and Zbigniew Rostowscy, Zdzisława and Marian Sochowie, Stanisława and Andrzej Tucholscy.

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, not all couples were able to attend the ceremony.