Santa Claus for homeless animals as well

Collection of food for homeless dogs and cats from the shelter in Radom. Christmas is approaching… Santa Claus is coming. For the 6th time, the Santa Claus event is being organized at the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Radom. In the first edition, the animal caretakers requested canned food. Everyone received a delicious can, and there were even more of them. In the second edition, blankets were distributed – each animal received a new, warm blanket, and there were still many left in reserve. In the third edition, all bowls were exchanged. In the fourth edition, meat sticks were given to all the animals on that day, and there were a lot of them. In the fifth edition, it was a Santa Claus mix – everyone bought what they wanted. Each of these events was very successful. And all thanks to the donors and friends of animals. This year, homeless animals are also waiting for Santa Claus. Caretakers and volunteers kindly request dry food for dogs and cats, tasty cans, and treats. Packages can be delivered personally every day until 3 PM or sent to the shelter’s address. Additional information: KASIA 507 237 447, OLA 533 564 074, KLAUDIA 609 530 953, OLA 666 610 062.