Sewerage construction in Podlasie – information for property owners and residents of Jana Pawła II Street.

Regarding the implementation of the project documentation as part of the investment task entitled “Construction of sanitary sewage, storm sewage, and reconstruction and construction of roads with accompanying infrastructure in the residential area of Podlas in Myszków”, the Municipality of Myszków informs that the owners of properties with whom AK-BUD KONRAD GALANT ul. Czecha 6 lok. 20, 42-224 Częstochowa, acting on behalf of the municipality, were unable to meet for an on-site inspection and determine the location of the sanitary sewage access points. In the coming days, they will receive a letter along with a map requesting confirmation of the marked location of the respective access points (i.e. sections of the network – from the planned main canal located in the road to the boundary of the adjacent property).

Please be informed that the location of the access points for your property has been designed in accordance with the principles of construction art and with compliance with all normative distances.

We kindly request that you deliver the declarations signed by the individuals who conducted the on-site inspection, as well as the maps, to the City Hall of Myszków.