Silesian Voivodeship. For Ukraine.

Dear Sir/Madam,

In light of the ongoing Russian invasion of sovereign Ukraine since February 24th and the unprecedented exodus of civilian population from the war-torn country, we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainians, providing assistance to those who need it the most. The Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Voivodeship has been actively involved in various actions since the beginning of the conflict to help the fleeing Ukrainians. The Tourism Department constantly monitors the situation in the tourism industry, seeking helpful and useful information that can strengthen the current and future efforts.

Therefore, I kindly request you to distribute this message to friendly institutions, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and all those who represent the tourism industry (such as hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and business associations) and want to actively participate in the relief efforts.

Due to the massive influx of Ukrainian war refugees and the potential interest in employment in Poland, we ask you to provide any needs regarding available job positions for Ukrainian citizens in tourism-related businesses, with particular attention to gender structure, as the majority of arrivals are women, mothers with children. In response, we kindly ask for the quantity and type of positions offered, as well as contact information (phone, email) to reach out to the responsible person.

We would also like to draw your attention to the creation of a website,, for individuals who want to offer free accommodation for Ukrainian war refugees. If you have the possibility and willingness, we encourage you to participate in this campaign.

I am convinced that together we can strengthen the ongoing actions. By staying in constant contact with the authorities responsible for the registration and care of refugees, we will pass on any information obtained from you for further utilization.

Please send the information following the template below to

Place of work
Contact, phone

*e.g., required language, preferred gender