Sink faucet – everything you need to know before buying.

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When arranging a bathroom, even the smallest detail can change the atmosphere of this intimate space in the home. An important, though often underestimated element, which not only affects functionality but also aesthetics, is the basin tap. This seemingly small device plays an incredibly important role in everyday use, determining the comfort of using the sink and adding style to the bathroom. Find out what to look out for when making a purchase to avoid disappointment. Concealed and surface-mounted taps – which one to choose?
Basin taps come in two main types – concealed and surface-mounted. Concealed models are installed inside the wall, creating a minimalist and tidy look. Their body is hidden behind the wall, with only the spout and control elements visible on the outside. This solution allows for an aesthetic effect, especially in minimalist or modern bathroom arrangements.
On the other hand, surface-mounted taps are models that are mounted on the wall, making the entire tap visible on the outside. This option allows easier access to the control elements and can serve as a kind of ornament or visual accent in the bathroom. Compared to concealed taps, their installation is simpler and does not require any intervention in the wall.
The choice between concealed and surface-mounted taps depends not only on aesthetic preferences but also on the bathroom design, wall structure, and individual user preferences. Each of these types has its advantages and possibilities, so it is worth carefully considering which one best suits a particular interior and our expectations. For example, the Łazienka Rea online store offers various models of bathroom taps, including those equipped with vertically and horizontally adjustable faucets or a temperature sensing sensor. There is also no shortage of classic models and trendy gold shades.
Single-handle or double-handle taps – what to choose?
Basin taps can also be purchased with one or two handles. Single-handle models, as the name suggests, have one handle that allows for controlling both the temperature and water flow with a smooth hand movement. They are often chosen for their ease of use and modern design.
On the other hand, double-handle taps have two separate handles often referred to as taps. One is used for adjusting the hot water, the other for the cold water. They allow for more precise temperature control, allowing for a precise matching of the proportions of hot and cold water. Their traditional design often fits into classic bathroom arrangements. People who appreciate a traditional interior design often prefer these models.
Height and length of the spout
The height of the spout determines the distance to which the water is poured into the basin. Models with a higher spout can be more comfortable, especially with larger basins, allowing for freer use of it.
The length of the spout also matters, especially if the sink is deeper or larger. A properly chosen length can provide convenience in use, allowing for easy operation of water without spatial limitations. In the case of smaller basins, a shorter spout may be more functional and aesthetic.
If you still find it difficult to make a final decision and value the freedom and convenience of online shopping, check out the offer of the Łazienka Rea online store. A wide selection of high-quality basin taps will allow you to find a model that perfectly suits your needs.