Someone was stealing coffee in a store in Andrychów. The culprit was identified by a security guard.

Police officers from the Police Station in Andrychów have arrested an 18-year-old suspected of stealing expensive coffee. The value of the stolen goods has been estimated at 1400 Polish zlotys.

A few days ago, the duty officer received a report of theft that occurred in one of the retail outlets in the city.
Directed to the scene, the police officers, based on the monitoring footage, determined that the perpetrator of the theft was a young man. The security staff managed to identify the suspect.
On the same day, the resident of the Lubusz Voivodeship was charged with theft amounting to 1400 zlotys.

One of the security staff members recognized the perpetrator, and on the same day, the police officers arrested the 18-year-old resident of the Lubusz Voivodeship responsible for the theft. The man was charged with theft, to which he admitted – informed Agnieszka Petek, the spokesperson for the District Police Headquarters in Wadowice, on Wednesday.

The committed crime carries a penalty of imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.
Although the 18-year-old has been charged with theft and admitted guilt, store owners hope that the police officers will effectively deter other potential criminals.