Sound hunter in Brzeg Dolny

Lower Brzeg has become another stop on the Sound Trail of the Oder. The promenade behind the palace has gained a new tourist attraction – a sound bench, serving as an acoustic lens that amplifies the sounds of nature coming from the side of the river Oder. In the Land of Odra Floodplains, the first five mobile sound benches have been built. Each of them can accommodate 2-3 people, and thanks to their lightweight construction, they stand in unusual places – parks, meadows, waterfronts. The construction and use of acoustic lenses, wooden structures on the terrain that enhance acoustic experiences, is an idea to consciously listen to the sounds of nature and thus discover the natural spaces of the wild Odra. The bench was created as part of the “Nature Amphitheaters in the Land of Odra Floodplains” project, implemented by the Land of Odra Floodplains program of the Lower Silesian Regional Marshal’s Office Oder Fund. Inf.source: