Suspicious folder in the Zamość branch of the Voivodeship Office. The building has been evacuated.

Due to a mysterious folder left in the building of the Delegation Office of the Voivodeship Office on Partyzantów Street in Zamość, employees of the institution located there were evacuated. Sappers were called to the scene.

The mysterious folder was noticed at around 9 o’clock – “We received a report from one of the employees that a suspicious folder was left in the corridor,” says Dorota Krukowska Bubiło, spokesperson for the Zamość police. “Upon the arrival of the police and the Non-Establishment Mine Reconnaissance and Pyrotechnics Group, the decision to evacuate the building was made. Approximately 120 people were evacuated,” adds the spokesperson. The area has been cordoned off with tape, and is being secured by police officers. The Counterterrorism Unit of the Police from Lublin has been called to the scene.