The 1st Culinary Heritage Forum of Krajna and Pałuki.

On December 12, 2023, the 1st Forum of Culinary Heritage of Krajna and Pałuki took place, organized by the Saluto Culina Foundation and co-financed by the Nakielski County. The event was honored by distinguished speakers: Dr. Kamila Czechowska, director of the Szubin Land Museum in Szubin, who presented the culinary traditions of the Pałuki region; Anna Sergott, Curator of the Krajna Land Museum in Nakło nad Notecią, who reminded of the culinary flavors of Krajna; and Szymon Brukwicki, culinary expert and head chef, who sees cooking as a “bridge” between generations. Guests of the event included Tadeusz Sobol, the District Governor of Nakielski, and Emilia Marach from the Development Department of the District Office in Nakło.

During the forum, participants had the opportunity to taste regional delicacies prepared by the Rural Housewives Circle from Stary Jaruzyn, Samostrzel, Występ, and Dębno, as well as students from the Władysław Łokietek School Complex in Lubaszcz. The event aimed to unite the community around culinary heritage and educate about the culinary traditions of our region. The organizers hoped that participants would gain a new perspective on the cultural richness of the region, understand the historical context, and appreciate the significance of culinary heritage. In this way, by integrating the community around a shared interest in culinary heritage, the organizers wanted to emphasize the value of community while inspiring the preservation and promotion of the region’s unique culinary traditions.

Aleksandra Janasz, Nakielski County Office in Nakło nad Notecią.