The 3rd league is ours – promotion of the women’s team MKS Myszków!

– Dear ladies, in order to tie one match and win all the other matches, you need not only talent for the game, but also fighting spirit. This is proof of your hard work and the work of your coach. I wish for this good streak to continue, I wish for many goals scored and only winning matches. Congratulations to the Club’s authorities and I wish for further success. With these words, Mayor Włodzimierz Żak congratulated and thanked our MKS Myszków football players for their promotion to the third league.

In the last Saturday match (June 18), defeating the team from Zabrze 11:0, our girls demonstrated their football skills, determination, consistency in the game, and exceptional talent. Words of praise are also deserved by coaches Tomasz Dusza and Dariusz Wróbel, as well as Tomasz Szlenk who put a lot of effort into the team’s success. But the most important are the players. Without their hard work, there would be no success. Once again, the MKS Myszków players proved that “Women Can”. Congratulations and we believe that more success is coming.

The host of the Saturday celebration of the promotion to the third league was MKS Myszków President Tadeusz Bartnik, and in attendance were Member of Parliament Mariusz Trepka, Deputy County Governor Mariusz Morawiec, member of the County Board Tomasz Ośmiałowski, Chair of the Audit Committee Sławomir Jałowiec, councilor Beata Jakubiec-Bartnik – a member of the club, and Tomasz Szlenk – a member of the club’s board, spokesperson for the City Office Małgorzata Kitala-Miroszewska – representing the Mayor of the City and the Municipality of Myszków as a club sponsor, and Roman Sobczyk, owner of Sokpol company – a club sponsor.

The Municipality of Myszków, through the Mayor of the City and the City Council, has been supporting the MKS Myszków club for years, which this year received a subsidy of PLN 253,000. Both MKS Myszków and UKS at MOSiR Myszków do not incur any costs related to the use and maintenance of the stadium, as well as the functioning of facilities such as changing rooms, offices, and storage rooms, and they do not have to pay for electricity, water, and gas. Last year, this cost amounted to over PLN 163,000.