The 53rd session of the City Council in Myszków – part 3.

Welcome to follow the broadcast of the continuation of the proceedings of the LIII session of the City Council in Myszków. The broadcast will start on August 31st at 8:00 AM via the platform. The session will take place in the session hall of the Myszków City Hall (2nd floor).

Broadcast of the proceedings of the LIII session of the City Council in Myszków

Proposed agenda:
1. Opening of the session and verification of its validity.
2. Determination of the agenda for the proceedings.
3. Information from the Chairman of the City Council about the signing of the protocol from the session of the City Council in Myszków on June 30th, 2022, and about the remarks made by the council members.
4. Mayor’s report on the activities during the inter-session period.
5. Adoption of resolutions regarding:

changes to the Long-Term Financial Forecast of the Municipality of Myszków for the years 2022-2034,
changes to the budget of the City of Myszków for the year 2022,
the procedure for working on the municipal budget resolution of Myszków,
determination of the average price of a fuel unit in the municipality of Myszków for the 2022/2023 school year,
determination of the upper rates of fees borne by property owners for municipal waste collection services and emptying of septic tanks or settlers in on-site sewage treatment installations and transport of liquid waste,
amendment to the regulations governing the provision of grants for the implementation of low-emission projects in residential buildings under the project entitled “Grants – replacement of central heating furnaces in Myszków” funded by the resources of the Regional Operational Program for the Silesian Voivodeship for 2014-2020, within Priority Axis IV Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources and Low-Emission Economy, Measure 4.6 Clean air, Sub-measure 4.6.1 Clean air – competition.

6. Information on interpellations submitted by council members during the inter-session period.
7. Council member motions and statements.
8. Adjournment of the session.