The amount of waste being received is increasing.

We would like to inform you that from January to July 2021, the amount of municipal waste collected from single-family and multi-dwelling buildings amounted to 6,320.06 Mg (6061.36 Mg in the same period last year).

Additionally, at the Municipal Waste Collection Point (PSZOK), the quantity of accepted waste increased from 196.81 Mg to 326.30 Mg during the analyzed period.

The increase in the amount of waste in the municipal waste system in our municipality is due, among other things, to the “dumping” of waste into communal sheds in multi-dwelling buildings by unauthorized individuals. Therefore, we kindly request that any observed irregularities be reported to the employees of the City Office.

The increase in the quantity of accepted waste directly translates into the costs incurred by the Municipality of Myszków for the collection and disposal of municipal waste. This also affects the rate paid by residents as part of the municipal waste management fee.

Attention to residents using the PSZOK!
Due to the drastic increase in the amount of municipal waste delivered to the PSZOK, it is necessary to present a document confirming the individual bank account for paying municipal fees. In case of lack of such document, residents can obtain it at the City Office in Myszków, room 259, 260.