The bridge and overpass in Włodowska Street

Work related to the reconstruction of Włodowska Street and the renovation of the bridge over the Warta River has been completed. The investment, which started last year, included the reconstruction of Włodowska Street along with drainage, the construction of a sidewalk on one side of the street, and the installation of safety railing. The renovation covered the section from T. Cieszkowski Boulevard to Koronacyjna Street.
Włodowska Street before reconstruction
Włodowska Street after reconstruction
The bridge over the Warta River also received a new structure. This is yet another reconstruction of a bridge in the city. The last such investment was completed last year on Gruchla Street. The project was carried out as part of the municipal program “Improving traffic safety through the modernization of selected sections of municipal roads – Stage III”.
Bridge on Włodowska Street before renovation
Bridge on Włodowska Street after renovation
The cost of construction works was 2,391,362.58 zł.