The cadets swore at the market. Mayor-elect Beata Smolec: “Thank you”

Students from the uniformed classes of ZDZ – Schools in Andrychów, ZDZ – Schools in Kęty and ZDZ – Schools in Wadowice took their solemn oath today at Mickiewicz Square in Andrychów. On Tuesday (23.04) at Mickiewicz Square in Andrychów, a solemn oath of the uniformed classes of ZDZ schools from Andrychów, Wadowice and Kęty took place. The program of the ceremony included motivating speeches, as well as martial arts demonstrations and a spectacular cadet march. Thank you for the beautiful organization of today’s event and above all for deciding to represent our national red-and-white colors. The oath you have taken today is a public declaration that you will follow its rules, that you will act in accordance with its principles at school and beyond. It is a commitment to respect for Polishness, but also to helping others, being honest and truthful. That is why I am convinced that the path you have chosen will prepare you excellently for adult life – said the vice-starost and mayor-elect of Andrychów, Beata Smolec, addressing the young people. The event was also attended by many other representatives of county and municipal authorities, including the Chairwoman of the County Council, Zofia Kaczyńska, and the member of the county board, Mirosław Sordyl, who according to the coalition agreement may soon become the new starosta. More photos from the event HERE.