The eighth term of the City Council of Lower Brzeg has come to an end.

Tears of emotion, flowers, and kind words accompanied the 77th session of the City Council of Brzeg Dolny, which at the same time was the last meeting of the 2018-2024 term. The last session of the City Council in Brzeg Dolny in the current term took place on April 29, 2024, and was a moment full of emotions and reflections. Councilors, who have made important decisions for the city over the years, gathered for the last time to summarize their work and say goodbye to this stage. The assembled councilors were aware that this was the end of an era and at the same time the beginning of a new chapter.

Just before the session, chairman Andrzej Lech allowed the directors and deputy directors of the municipal educational institutions present at the meeting to speak. Magdalena Wlaźlak-Szał, on behalf of the directors and teachers, expressed gratitude for the years of support that municipal education received from the local government. Symbolic bouquets of flowers as a token of gratitude were presented to Mayor Paweł Pirko, his deputy Artur Michałko, and the chairman of the City Council of Brzeg Dolny Andrzej Lech.

Then chairman Andrzej Lech opened the 77th session. During the deliberations, councilors adopted many important resolutions. The resolution on the Multiannual Financial Forecast of the municipality of Brzeg Dolny and the budget for the year 2024 were amended. Draft resolutions on the local spatial development plan of areas within the municipality of Brzeg Dolny were considered. A resolution on providing financial assistance to the Wolowski District was also adopted. All resolutions were passed unanimously, demonstrating understanding and cooperation among councilors. These are not just formal documents, but also a sign of respect and gratitude for their work together.

At the end of the session, the chairman presented commemorative statuettes to all present councilors, the mayor, and the council office staff, saying a few warm words about each of them. In his words, one could sense recognition and respect for the gathered colleagues. Together, they made history by making decisions that have affected the lives of residents for years. Despite a very difficult term, during which they faced challenges such as a pandemic, inflation, and issues related to providing assistance to refugees fleeing war in Ukraine, they crossed barriers together, solved problems, and worked towards the common good.

For the last time, the councilors looked at each other with a smile and a hint of sadness. Each of them has their place in the history of the city, which is changing before their eyes. It was the last session, but not the last memory, as emotions, experiences, and pride in what they have achieved together will remain in their memories.

The residents of the municipality are grateful to Mayor Paweł Pirko, his deputy Artur Michałko, the chairman of the city council Andrzej Lech, and all councilors and individuals involved in the administration of the outgoing local government for their years of dedication and commitment.