The first edition of Jura MTB Race is behind us.

The long August weekend in the Krakow-Czestochowa Jura was filled with the rivalry of mountain biking fans. The first edition of the Jura MTB Race, partnered with the Municipality of Myszkow, is now behind us.

Debut in a new format
Stage races, including Jura MTB Race, are extremely popular worldwide. “The idea is simple – utilizing the terrain’s potential, we divide the competition into several trails. Each of them is a new challenge, and racing day after day increases the level of difficulty. That’s exactly what happened during the new stage race in the Jura,” explains Roman Matysik from Jura MTB Race. “Everything went according to plan. Picturesque trails, incredibly positive people at the start, and even the weather, despite a few rainy moments, was kind to us.”

Over a hundred participants stood at the starting line, not only experienced mountain biking competitors but also newcomers to this format. The incredibly high pace of rivalry showed that the level of sportsmanship was very high, further fueling the excitement.

Three stages, three towns
The Jurajskie stage race took place in Myszkow, the Municipality of Niegowa, and Zarek. Each trail brought something new, allowing participants to discover new places in the Jura. “I live nearby, but usually, I rode on the familiar trails. Now I know that I didn’t explore enough, and the organizers showed how many undiscovered parts the Krakow-Czestochowa Jura has. Fantastic, I’ll be back next year,” comments one of the participants. Other riders also speak of the diversity. “Each of these stages was different, and for me, the last one was probably the most difficult. But here, fatigue probably took its toll, it was also hot and the sand! Lots of sand on the trail… time to rest,” commented Piotr, one of the participants, at the finish line. “I didn’t expect such a pace, very intense from the beginning, but it was beautiful,” adds his teammate.

With hope for more
The comments from the competitors and hosts of Jura MTB Race now motivate the organizers to prepare for more events of this kind. The upcoming year on the Jura might be exceptionally diverse, and the cycling potential of this area continues to grow. “It was a kind of experiment. We have plenty of stage races in Poland, but there was a lack of one specifically in the Jura. The first one is behind us, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for future editions,” the organizers add.

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