“The ‘fiver’ measures air quality in the ‘ESA for OSE’ campaign.”

In June of this year, Primary School No. 5 in Myszków took part in the ESA for OSE campaign and received one of the 1200 free air quality meters and the opportunity to participate in engaging environmental activities.

The results of PM10 and PM2.5 dust measurements are constantly updated – they can be checked on the display located at the school and on the esa.nask.pl website. The ESA website also provides access to archived measurement data. Additionally, a LED display showing the current concentration of PM2.5 dust outside the school has been installed on the school building.

This information is not only for teachers, students, or parents escorting children to school, but for everyone to be able to track measurement results and observe to what extent the problem of polluted air affects their immediate area. This allows for conscious decision-making regarding activities based on the level of air pollution, and if the indications are alarming, to limit outdoor exposure as much as possible.

Furthermore, students from class IVa are taking part in the innovative program-methodological innovation “We do not produce smog because we take care of clean air together,” through which they will expand their knowledge about the formation of smog, its impact on human health and other living organisms, as well as actions that can reduce air pollution.