The Food Bank announces a recruitment drive as part of the POPZ program.

The Food Bank in Częstochowa announces an open call for Local Partner Organizations (LPO) to implement activities within the European Food Aid Fund 2021-2027, co-financed by the European Social Fund Plus – Subprogram 2023, in the City and Commune of Myszków.

Entities eligible to participate in the call:
Non-governmental organizations and other non-public institutions operating in the City and Commune of Myszków.

Partnership objective:
To provide food assistance to the poorest residents of the City and Commune of Myszków in the period: December 2023 – October 2024.

Requirements for the Partner:
An entity wishing to implement activities under the FEPŻ 2021-2027 in Subprogram 2023 is obliged to ensure and comply with the minimum standards specified in the Guidelines of the Managing Authority (MRiPS) for the Intermediary Institution and beneficiaries regarding activities carried out under the European Food Aid Fund 2021-2027, co-financed by the European Social Fund Plus – Subprogram 2023, dated September 8, 2023:

1. In the area of administration:
1) having technical facilities ensuring proper food distribution service, including administrative rooms, telephone, and if possible, a computer,
2) providing publicly accessible information on the website, if it has a website, containing a description of the activities carried out by the organization under Subprogram 2023,
3) providing publicly accessible information at the distribution location regarding: FEPŻ funding from EU funds, eligibility criteria and method of qualifying individuals for food assistance under Subprogram 2023, principles of providing food products, and the possibilities and procedure of filing complaints by the most needy individuals regarding the distribution process by the organization,
4) ensuring cooperation with the relevant social assistance center,
5) distributing food only in the premises available to the organization and/or delivering food products to the residences of the most needy individuals,
6) organizing food distribution in a way that prevents any stigmatization and discrimination of program beneficiaries,
7) maintaining necessary documentation and verifying documents entitling eligibility for assistance.

2. In the area of warehousing:
1) having warehouse facilities enabling the storage of food products under conditions specified by the manufacturer,
2) ensuring monitoring/security through specialized companies or using their own resources and capabilities,
3) ensuring unloading and loading of food products,
4) maintaining separate electronic (using specialized software) or paper-based warehousing records allowing clear identification of individual warehouse operations for Subprogram 2023 and tracing the distribution path of individual batches of food products,
5) maintaining collective monthly warehousing records enabling tracing the distribution of each batch of individual food products in accordance with the principles defined in the Guidelines,
6) preventing food waste by conducting rational warehouse management of food products delivered under Subprogram 2023.

A detailed description of the minimum standards for LPO can be found in the MRiPS Guidelines at the following links:

Application procedure:
1. Each entity is required to submit the “DECLARATION OF PARTICIPATION OF LOCAL PARTNER ORGANIZATION IN THE EUROPEAN FOOD AID FUND 2021-2027 SUBPROGRAM 2023”, which is attached to this announcement: – FEPŻ2023_declaration of participation of LPO in the program (MONO).
Deadline for submission of applications: until December 15, 2023.
2. The declaration (without attachments) should be sent in the form of a scan to the email address: and by post along with attachments (statute, possible authorizations to enter into obligations) to the address:

Food Bank in Częstochowa
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 6/14 p.309

Additional information regarding the announcement and the call can be obtained by calling: 34 325 50 36 or 507 162 616.

The Food Bank in Częstochowa reserves the right to:
1. Select several local partner organizations from the municipality area.
2. Cancel the call without giving a reason.
3. Not cooperate in case of discrepancies between the actual state and the information provided in the “DECLARATION OF PARTICIPATION OF LOCAL PARTNER ORGANIZATION IN THE EUROPEAN FOOD AID FUND 2021-2027 SUBPROGRAM 2023”.

This announcement does not constitute a public procurement or public benefit and volunteer activity notice.

President of the Management Board of the Food Bank
in Częstochowa
(-) Norbert Kępiński