The Institute for Renaissance and Baroque Studies was established in Zamość.

Zamość will be the headquarters of a new state cultural institution. The Institute for Renaissance and Baroque Studies, named after Jan and Piotr Kochanowski, is intended to support the Zamość Academy in conducting scientific research in the field of Polish literature and pedagogy. The institute was established by Minister of Education and Science Prof. Przemysław Czarnek.

“In my opinion, it is difficult to imagine a better location for the Institute than Zamość. Our city is proudly known as the Pearl of the Renaissance, the Padua of the North. The historic building of the Zamość Academy, which was established in the 16th century and whose proud traditions we continue today, is designed in the Baroque style. Additionally, Zamość is home to the largest Baroque Franciscan church in Poland. We are delighted that the Institute will enhance the scientific potential of the Zamość Academy and we look forward to a close and fruitful cooperation,” says Prof. Paweł Skrzydlewski, Rector of the Zamość Academy.

The aim of the Institute for Renaissance and Baroque Studies, named after Jan and Piotr Kochanowski, is to popularize the cultural heritage of the First Polish Republic, including the dissemination of scientific research in this field and support for studies on Old Polish culture. Additionally, the Institute is expected to collaborate with the Zamość Academy in educational and cultural activities related to the institute’s subject matter. “The new institution will be comprised of scholars and cultural workers from various fields and sciences in Poland and abroad. The Institute’s activities will include research, education, and upbringing. The Institute will cooperate with the city and regional authorities,” adds Rector Skrzydlewski.