The last oath of the Mazovian Territorials in Książenice.

On Sunday, December 3rd at 12:00 PM, a solemn military oath ceremony of the soldiers of the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade will take place on the parade ground of the military unit in Książenice. The last basic training for soldiers of the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade, named after rtm. Witold Pilecki, is coming to an end this year. 140 volunteers from Mazovia have been acquiring basic military skills, including shooting, tactics, communication, topography, and first aid on the battlefield, for sixteen days. Ahead of them is a verification test – the so-called tactical loop, which will assess the knowledge and skills acquired.

The culmination of the intensive training will be the military oath. The swearing-in ceremony of new soldiers of the 6th MBOT will begin this Sunday at 12:00 PM at the 61st Light Infantry Battalion in Książenice. The solemn parade of units gathered on the parade ground will be the culmination of the oath.

Families of the soldiers taking the oath and invited guests will have the opportunity to see the latest equipment used by the Territorial Defense forces on a daily basis, including vehicles, weapons, and individual soldier equipment. At the promotional-recruitment stand of the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade, visitors will be able to talk to Terytorials about their service and the conditions for joining the formation.

During the ceremony, the participants of the basic training courses, conducted in continuous mode called “Szesnastka,” as well as the weekend training, will recite the oath. On Sunday, December 3rd, the eight-day compensatory training for reservists will also come to an end.

The 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade consists of professional soldiers, Territorial Defense soldiers performing Territorial Military Service, and Active Reserves soldiers. In total, there are over 2200 individuals.