The last recruitment for 6MBOT.

This is the last call to submit an application and join the ranks of the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade this year. The final basic training will begin on November 18th, 2023, followed by a remedial training for former soldiers a week later. Serving in the Territorial Defense Forces is an excellent opportunity to combine personal and professional life with serving the homeland. Thanks to the territorial nature of the service, soldiers do not have to leave their loved ones, give up their jobs, and head to the other end of Poland.

A rich training program, qualified instructors, interesting activities using modern equipment, and the opportunity to overcome one’s weaknesses are just some of the advantages of serving in the Territorial Defense Forces. Additionally, soldiers gain training necessary in crisis situations – from weapon handling to survival in field conditions and first aid. These skills are also useful outside of service. All of this, combined with the salary deposited into the soldier’s account, makes it worth taking up the challenge and joining the ranks of the 6MBOT.

“Territorial Military Service is often a perfect opportunity to fulfill childhood dreams of wearing a uniform. The service offers many soldiers possibilities for development, participation in specialized training, non-commissioned officer and officer courses,” says Colonel Witold Bubak, commander of the 6th Mazovian Territorial Defense Brigade, explaining, “Many of our territorials fulfill their obligation by participating in rotational training, meaning they serve two days a month. Some soldiers are called up several times a month, and others fulfill their duty in a much larger time frame. There are many possibilities – you just have to want it.”

The basic training, commonly referred to as the “Szesnastka,” lasts for 16 days. During this time, candidates acquire practical skills in firearm use, learn the rules of behavior in combat, and familiarize themselves with the basics of military regulations and drill. Important elements also include first aid and topography. The training concludes with an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge exam, known as the “tactical loop,” as well as a solemn military oath.

Reservists who have already taken the military oath are invited to the remedial training, known as the “Ósemka.” During the eight-day remedial training, they refresh, improve, and reinforce the knowledge they have acquired.

Applications for military service can be submitted in person at Military Recruitment Centers, as well as online through the ePUAP platform and the website:

Each candidate can also directly contact a recruiter who will provide necessary information and answer questions related to the service. The appropriate recruiter for their district can be found on the website:

The training for the 6th MBOT, which is also the last recruitment this year, will start: “Szesnastka” on November 18th and “Ósemka” on November 25th. It will conclude with a solemn military oath planned for December 3rd.