The mayor awarded “Omnibus” scholarships for the past school year.

On October 10th, in the Session Hall of the City Office, Mayor Włodzimierz Żak of Myszków, along with Deputy Iwona Franelak and Director of the Myszków Municipal Office Marzanna Wieczorek, awarded the “OMNIBUS” Scholarships of the Myszków Self-Government to students.

For exceptional achievements in the 2021/2022 school year, 9 students received the Myszków Self-Government Scholarship. Congratulatory letters were also given to the parents of the students and school directors.

The following students received the “OMNIBUS” Scholarship of the Myszków Self-Government:

– Martyna Czerwik – Primary School 6, Class VII
– Mateusz Furman – Primary School 1, Class VIII
– Oliwia Kopecka – Primary School 6, Class VIII
– Emilia Knapik – Primary School 5, Class VIII
– Dawid Krzykawski – Primary School 8, Class VIII
– Igor Łubianka – Primary School 8, Class VIII
– Antoni Nowak – Primary School 8, Class VIII
– Pola Pstrowska – Primary School 3, Class VII
– Marta Woźniak – Primary School 3, Class VIII