The next edition of the “Fields of Hope” campaign is starting.

On Wednesday, November 8th, the campaign “Fields of Hope” will be inaugurated, aimed at helping people suffering from cancer. The event will take place at the Agricultural and Food Management High School Complex named after Stanisław Władysław Reymont, located at 6 Uniwersytecka street in Radom. Father Damian Drabikowski, the director of Caritas Radom Diocese, pointed out that “Fields of Hope” is a campaign supporting people affected by cancer, especially those terminally ill.
Volunteers from the School Circles of Caritas Radom Diocese will be planting hyacinth bulbs. These flowers are a symbol of hope for new life – rebirth, and in the campaign, the hyacinth represents hope in the fight against cancer. The hyacinth symbolizes triumph of selflessness over selfishness, and love over death – says Father Drabikowski.
He adds that traditionally, the flowers will be sold in the spring, on Palm Sunday. The funds collected will be allocated to help people dealing with cancer.