The play titled “About the Princess…”

The Tczew University of the Third Age invites all theatre enthusiasts to the play “About the Princess…” written and directed by Piotr Weintz. The event will take place on Friday, December 1, 2023, at 6:00 PM, at the Center for Culture and Art in Tczew – admission is free. The play incorporates several texts by one of the most prominent comedic playwrights in the history of Polish literature, Aleksander Fredro, who was recognized as one of the patrons of the current year by the Polish Parliament due to the 230th anniversary of his birth. In October, the TUTW Theatre received the main prize at the 8th Oświęcim Artistic Senior Citizens Meeting in the category of small theatre forms. The creators are very excited to soon be able to present their work on a local stage.

Description of the play: “About the Princess…” is a comedy inspired by Aleksander Fredro’s erotic work “About the Princess and the Three Brothers”. In short, the unfulfilled needs of the royal couple’s daughter cause many controversial issues at the court. The king and queen are forced to seek a solution from an astrologer – will he be up to the challenge? Will the princess be cured of her madness? Will peace finally reign in the castle? All these questions will be answered during the play, which is intended for adult audiences.

Script and direction: Piotr Weintz
Actors: Maria Adamczyk, Maria Banna, Elżbieta Błaszkowska, Barbara Brożek, Grażyna Brzezińska, Teresa Ciepielowska, Bożena Czech, Krystyna Jakubanes, Janina Jankowska, Barbara Kisiel, Barbara Kluge, Barbara Kryszczuk, Maria Montegu, Danuta Orłowska, Krystyna Ptaszkowska, Barbara Szweda, Urszula Średniawska.

The project is co-financed by the Tczew Municipality, the Tczew County, the Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal’s Office, and is carried out as part of the “TUTW Theatre – actors of the third age in creative action” project. Project coordinator: Maria Banna.