The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) reminds when it can visit a senior at their home.

Very rarely do situations occur when ZUS employees visit retirees and pensioners in their homes. Seniors can expect such a visit only in two cases, but they are always notified in advance.
Contact between our clients and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) primarily takes place through mail, during visits to ZUS offices, e-visits, and also through the ZUS Electronic Services Platform. The personal visitation of a senior by ZUS employees in their home is extremely rare and only applies to specific situations, as informed by Krystyna Michałek, the regional spokesperson for ZUS in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.
Retirees and pensioners can expect such a visit only in two situations, but they are always informed in advance. In the first case, it is on the occasion of a 100th birthday anniversary, where ZUS employees personally extend their congratulations. The second circumstance is when a client applies for a disability pension, a caregiving allowance, or a supplemental benefit for individuals incapable of independent existence, and their health condition prevents them from coming to a ZUS office for an examination. In such a situation, the medical assessor, after prior notification of the examination date, comes to the person’s home.
Business owners and employers who are subject to contributions control are also informed in advance about the visit. The control includes verifying whether the entrepreneur correctly reports themselves and their employees to social insurance, correctly calculates and pays contributions, and properly pays out benefits. Authorized ZUS employees schedule the visit in advance. The ZUS inspector begins the control by delivering to the contributor (or the person authorized to represent the contributor) the authorization to conduct the control and presenting their official ID.
The only situation when a ZUS employee may knock on our door without prior notice is during sick leave control. However, the controlling person must have an ID document with a photo and authorization to conduct such control.
If anyone has doubts about the authenticity of an official claiming to be an employee of our institution, they can always verify their credibility by contacting the ZUS Telephone Service Center at +48 22 560 16 00, reminds Krystyna Michałek.
Krystyna Michałek, regional spokesperson for ZUS in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.