The solemn Vigil of the Environmental Self-Help House

Today, a solemn Christmas Eve of the Environmental Self-Help House took place. For the twenty-third time, the beneficiaries sat down at the Christmas table together with invited guests. Christmas wishes were given by the Manager of the ESH, Anna Chrąchol, and the Mayor of Brzeg Dolny, Paweł Pirek. Christmas meetings at the Self-Help House are always exceptional, creating a wonderful, family atmosphere. Traditionally, the meeting began with a prayer and the reading of a fragment from the Bible. There were carols and the breaking of the Christmas wafer. Among the invited guests were Mayor Paweł Pirek, Deputy Mayor Artur Michałek, Secretary Katarzyna Zagórska, Treasurer Anna Gawarecka-Siewruk, Director of the Municipal Social Assistance Center Beata Sokolska, and Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee of the City Council Krzysztof Kasiańczuk.