The streets Zgodna and Piwna after renovation.

The streets of Piwna and Zgodna in the Old Town have undergone a major transformation. New roads and sidewalks were built along with sewerage and lighting. There are also more parking spaces now. As part of the investment, over 5,000 trees and shrubs were planted. The acceptance of the completed project, almost a month ahead of schedule, took place today, November 6th. The potholed and cracked surface of the initial section of Zgodna Street, as well as the curved concrete slabs and mud on Piwna Street, are now a thing of the past. The city received funding from the Government Road Development Fund for the expansion of the latter, which covers about 60% of the value of this part of the project. The new surface of the Zgodna Street between Okulickiego and Piwna, which was restored by the Municipal Waterworks after their work, was also completed. Sidewalks and driveways to properties located along this section were commissioned by the Municipal Road and Transport Management.

Extended Piwna Street
The expanded Piwna Street has primarily been extended and connected to the beginning of Staromiejska Street. The residents of this part of the Old Town have gained a new way to exit towards the city center – they no longer have to use Okulickiego Street. A parking lot was built just after the bus stop on Limanowskiego Street. It can accommodate over 100 cars. In the vicinity, there is, among others, the seat of the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. The Mleczna boulevards and facilities located on the Kazimierzowskie Island are also nearby.

Radom residents love marathon roses
Wherever possible after the construction of the required infrastructure, new trees and shrubs were planted, including the beloved marathon roses in Radom. In total, there are over 5,000 plants. According to the project, some of them were planted on the nearby Wałowa Street. They will embellish the Kazimierzowskie Island.

The investment in the Old Town officially started in mid-December 2022. The work was completed in the second half of October of this year, which is almost a month before the agreed deadline. The cost of the project was about 6.4 million PLN. The investment was carried out by Zbig-Bet, a local company selected through a tender process.