“The view of Sandomierz from the Vistula River side”, a gift from “Plastyk” from Kielce to “Marmolada” from Sandomierz.

On November 29, 2023, in the auditorium of the Gastronomic and Hotel School Complex in Sandomierz, a ceremony took place to hand over the painting “View of Sandomierz from the Vistula River” to the school by the State Secondary School of Fine Arts named after Józef Szermentowski in Kielce. The impressive artwork (300-170 cm) inspired by Józef Szermentowski’s painting “View of Sandomierz from the Vistula River” was created by the high school students with the support of their teachers. The representatives from “PLASTYKA” in Kielce were: School Director Maria Kowalczyk, Vice-Director Małgorzata Surma, Drawing and Painting Teacher Jordan Sobierajski, and the school students. The guests from Sandomierz were: Paweł Niedźwiedź – Deputy Starost of the Sandomierz County, Jerzy Kosanowski – project initiator, Monika Borycka-Burek – Director of the Student Dormitory, Urszula Chabel – President of the “Sandomierska Marmolada” School Supporters Club, and Joanna Wiechnicka – Chair of the Parents’ Council of the Gastronomic and Hotel School Complex. Bogusława Chruściel, Deputy Director of the Gastronomic and Hotel School Complex, thanked everyone for their participation in the ceremony, referring to J.W. Goethe’s quote, “Beauty should be supported, as it is created by a few and needs many”. The event was highlighted by shows prepared by the students according to a script written by the Polish language teacher Katarzyna Krakowiak, exhibitions related to Sandomierz, as well as local products. Refreshments for the participants of the ceremony were prepared by the students from the gastronomy classes under the supervision of Krzysztof Jonaszek, Edyta Młodochowska, and Marta Bator – vocational subject teachers. The efficient service of the guests was taken care of by the students from the technical school under the guidance of Grażyna Siemaszek.