There will be a renovation of the cultural center’s activity hall, but not only that.

More big money will go to the Opoczno Municipality. It is about the amount of 25 million PLN. The Opoczno Municipality can count on more big money. They will go to the local government through the Municipal Functional Area. As Tomasz Łuczkowski, the deputy mayor of the city, explained, it is about the amount of approximately 25 million PLN. Thanks to them, the local government will carry out several important investments. This includes the renovation of the cultural center’s auditorium, thermal modernization of educational institutions, work on the rivers flowing through the city, and the construction of bicycle paths.

In the Gmina Opoczno na Fali broadcast, we also talked about another edition of the Polish Deal, in which the Opoczno local government applies for nearly 4 million PLN. The money will be intended for the replacement of street lighting fixtures with energy-saving ones and the installation of a special system to control this lighting. Tomasz Łuczkowski also informed about the ongoing implementation of a project involving the installation of photovoltaic panels in Opoczno households, a great interest in the event held on November 1st in Opoczno, and the celebrations of the National Independence Day in Opoczno. They will begin at 8:45 am with laying flowers at the plaques of Józef Piłsudski and Wincenty Witose. Then, at 9 am, a Holy Mass will be celebrated in the St. Bartholomew’s Collegiate Church. After that, the ceremonies will move to the Castle Square, where wreaths of flowers will be laid at the Unknown Soldier monument. The culmination of the celebrations will be the opening of an exhibition in the Opoczno museum, scheduled for November 13th.

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