They came running to Nowa Wies.

According to the new tradition of the Kozienice community, a week before Christmas, we gathered by the nativity scene built in Nowa Wieś to sing carols together, meet Santa Claus, and share the joy of the upcoming holidays. Last Sunday, for the fourth time, we lit up the nativity scene in Nowa Wieś together with the local community and the leaders of the municipality. From the very beginning, the driving force behind it has been the ladies from the Rural Housewives’ Circle in Nowa Wieś, known as the “Babeczki z pieprzem i solą” (Little Buns with Pepper and Salt). Zofia Ptak told us what characterizes the nativity scene in Nowa Wieś:

Nowa Wieś is home to the Environmental Self-Help Centre. Its residents were invited to join us in singing carols together. Additionally, the ladies from the Rural Housewives’ Circle, “Babeczki z pieprzem i solą,” prepared a word and music performance during which we had the opportunity to listen to poems by Stanisława Gołębiowska and Zenobia Kowalska.
Later on, a surprise awaited the youngest residents of Nowa Wieś as Santa Claus, played by one of the ladies from the Rural Housewives’ Circle, visited them.
But that’s not all, because the residents of Nowa Wieś will continue to gather by the nativity scene next to the local library and sing carols together throughout the entire Christmas season.