They wanted to sell the house along with the people living inside. Did they succeed?

Andrychów put up for sale a property with people inside. Three individuals live there, who have a permanent residence registration, but do not have any legal title to the property. How did this story end?

In early October, Andrychów announced an auction for the sale of a property at Tkacka Street 94. The single-family house, with a total area of just over 100 m2, is partially basemented and has an unused attic.
The house is located on a 7-acre plot, for which an appropriate land and mortgage register has been prepared.
There would be nothing extraordinary about this announcement if it weren’t for the fact that the property for sale is inhabited by three people. As informed by the City Office in Andrychów, these individuals have no legal title to the house, but are registered here for permanent residence.
Anyone interested in purchasing this property had to expect an expense of at least 295 thousand PLN net.
The auction took place on Wednesday (8.11) in the building of the City Office in Andrychów. Only one person, a resident of the auctioned house, submitted their offer. They exceeded the offer by one percent of its value and thus became the owner of the property, which they have been living in and renovating for years.
UPDATE, 9.11.2023.