Transmission from the proceedings of the 6th session of the City Council.

Welcome to the live broadcast of the VI session of the City Council in Myszkow. The broadcast will start on April 4th at 11:00 am on Youtube channel.
Agenda of the VI session of the City Council in Myszkow:
1. Opening of the session and verification of its validity. 2. Establishment of the agenda. 3. Information from the Chairman of the Council about the signing of protocols from the City Council sessions on January 18, 2019, and March 7, 2019, and comments made by councilors. 4. Report of the Mayor on activities during the intersessional period. 5. Report on the implementation of the Assistance Program for Large Families entitled “Our big family”. 6. Adoption of resolutions on:

changes in the budget for 2019,
approval of lease agreements with current tenants,
approval of lease agreements in a non-competitive manner,
acquisition of real estate located in Myszkow (Myszkow and Nowa Wieś districts) on behalf of the City of Myszkow,
amendments to resolution No. XXI/168/16 of the City Council in Myszkow dated June 30, 2016, regarding the settlement of the weekly mandatory working hours for teachers, and determination of the weekly mandatory hours of classes for certain teaching positions in primary schools, junior high schools, and kindergartens under the municipal authority of Myszkow,
amendments to resolution No. XVIII/152/08 of the City Council of Myszkow dated March 26, 2008, regarding the establishment of paid parking zones, rates, and collection methods for parking fees in municipal parking zones in the city of Myszkow,
amendments to resolution No. XXXII/287/13 of the City Council in Myszkow dated August 29, 2013, regarding the establishment of ticket prices for local public transport, additional charges, and entitlements to discounts and free rides in municipal transport in the Myszkow municipality,
amendments to resolution No. XL/352/10 of the City Council in Myszkow dated March 31, 2010, regarding the adoption of a long-term program for managing the municipal housing stock and the rules for renting units within the municipal housing stock,
rules and procedures for conducting social consultations with residents of the City of Myszkow regarding the Participatory Budget in the City of Myszkow for 2020.
adoption of an appeal to the Government of the Republic of Poland to take effective actions to improve air quality in Poland.

7. Motions and statements by councilors. 8. Conclusion of the session.
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