Two older dogs from the Lanckorona municipality have ended up in a shelter. They are looking for warm homes.

Lanckorona is looking for homes for two homeless dogs that were recently caught in the municipality area. These are older dogs that are currently confined in a shelter.

A shelter is never a good home for animals. That is why their stay in such places should be as short as possible. Especially when it comes to older and very young dogs.
Two older mutts were recently caught in the municipality area of Lanckorona. They were taken to the shelter in Nowy Targ.
One of them is medium-sized, black, brindle, with smooth fur, and is 12 years old. The other one is a year older, also medium-sized, black and gray, with rough coat.
The Municipality Office in Lanckorona has made an appeal for help in finding new homes for them. They inform that if anyone is interested in adoption, they should contact the Animal Shelter in Nowy Targ. Calls can be made from Monday to Saturday, between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, at the phone number: 18 448 84 33.