Unfunded metallurgical.

The municipality of Myszków did not receive funding for the submitted application to the Polish Deal within the framework of the Development of Industrial Zones, regarding “Roads through the industrial zone – Metalurgiczna Street and Partyzantów Street, from Metalurgiczna Street to 1 Maja Street”.

The application was preceded by wide consultation with entrepreneurs and meetings with the Business Council. As part of the planned investment, a project was to be prepared along with the required permit documentation (ZRID) for the construction of a local road of class L, a one-sided pedestrian-cycling path, public entrances to properties, construction of drainage on the investment area, and street lighting. The value of the investment is 19,500,000.00 PLN, the amount of requested funds is 19,110,000.00 PLN, and the own contribution is 390,000.00 PLN.

The construction of this road infrastructure was fully justified due to the industrial character of the area and the number of companies located there. Unfortunately, both the municipality and entrepreneurs will have to wait a bit longer.