Visit of the KGW “Występianki” with Performance

On December 15, 2023, the County Office in Nakło nad Notecią was visited by Volunteers from the Village Housewives Circle from Występ, who unfortunately were unable to attend the ceremony of awarding the Volunteer of the Year statuettes. The Volunteers received a statuette, a diploma, and thanks for their selfless help for the benefit of others from the Nakielski County Prefect – Tadeusz Sobol. The Volunteers were nominated for the “Nakielski County Volunteer of the Year” competition by the Salus Homini Foundation.

The “Występianki” Village Housewives Circle from Występ has been involved in activities for the beneficiaries of the Salus Homini Foundation since 2016. They have been organizing and conducting a collection on Palm Sunday without interruption up to this day. The Volunteers willingly organize various types of meetings and provide selfless help whenever needed.

Aleksandra Janasz, County Office in Nakło nad Notecią